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Who Are We?

Turkey Commercial Vehicles Market

A Rightful Success

Our company, which was established in 2016 under the name of TIRPAR, provides service on a 11000 square meter area. With its uncompromising understanding of product quality and its serious approaches to marketing, it has always kept customer satisfaction as a priority. With its sales and experience from the past, TIRPAR has exceeded its market targets and has taken its place among the most dynamic companies in the sector in a short time. TIRPAR evaluates its experience, knowledge and quality in the domestic and international markets by exporting to 20 countries. It exports to these countries under the brand name of PORTER. With its expert and experienced staff, it always protects and oversee the right of its customers to obtain original quality products.

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TIRPAR's experience, knowledge and quality are evaluated in domestic and international markets.
It exports to many countries of the world under the brand name of TIRPAR.
With its expert and experienced staff, importantly,
it always protects and controls the rights of its customers to receive products of the original quality.
Specializing in trailers and trailer equipment, PORTER has achieved a well-deserved success in the Turkish Commercial Vehicle Market.
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